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Lights, Costumes, Actors!



Some of the best things happen over dinner between friends. At one such dinner among friends who shared a love of theatre, the idea for local performing arts venue grew.  They established a steering committee and held a public meeting. They developed the Board and met monthly to plan.



Through their monthly work, the friends created the ART, Inc logo and held the Showcase & Sugar Fundraiser at the West Lane Center.


With the MISSION: To provide opportunities for the citizens of West Lane County to participate in the creation and presentation of performing and fine arts in a venue where enriching entertainment and educational programs are available and accessible to all, ART, Inc became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and held Jamin' July Fundraiser, with performances by Franklin Ladies Aid Society, Margaret Plumb and Friends, and Buster B. Jones.


Our VISION To create a performing arts and community center in the Fern Ridge area, a place to enjoy plays, art shows, dances, concerts, classes, workshops, movies, meetings and celebrations - all without leaving the area drove our work and ART, Inc's first website was born! ART, Inc performed Lumberjacks and Wedding Belles at West Lane Center and held A Christmas Memory Dinner and reading by Izy Whetstine at Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread Restaraunt interior.jpg


Determined to keep bringing theatre opportunities to the local community, ART, Inc held Open House Preview at what was then the Broadway Events Center. We even began renovations on the theatre section of the events center, but the work was halted by the city in September of that year.


Not to be deterred, ART, Inc held a record number of events this year, including the talent show and raffle, Spring Forward!, A Most Excellent Storytelling Festival, A Christmas Memory, and hosting the Nutcracker, all in the Broadway Events Center  (BEC) community room!


ART, Inc hosted Groundwaters, an event showcasing local writers and other artists, and Marley & Scrooge were held at the BEC Community Room.


In 2011, the BEC closed. ART, Inc knew that finding a permanent home was more important than ever. They produced I Remember Mama, and Marley & Scrooge  at the Elmira Grange.


The City of Veneta turned 50 this year, and ART, Inc was there to perform at the birthday party! In addition, ART, Inc performed  Quilters at Springfield High School.



This was a BIG year for ART, Inc - we leased the former Central School from Fern Ridge School District, the building taht is now our home. The Board and volunteers began building the theatre in the gym. That summer they held a Community Craft Faire with local vendors and entertainment. ART, Inc held the Imagine the Possiblitlities Fundraiser, including Mark Lewis, storyteller, and a performance of Blazing Guns at Roaring Gulch.


ART, Inc continued transforming the gymnasium of the former school into the theatre of our dreams. We rented one of the south classrooms to Applegate Art Guild, held Alice, performed by our Children's Theatre, and hosted one of the sites of the Fern Ridge Area Holiday Bazaars.


ART, Inc began negotiations to purchase the building, and continued transforming the theater. We became a Community Partner at the Fern Ridge Beef Pit BBQ, hosted a site for the Holiday Bazaar again, and leased another portion of the upper buildings to Studio 7, a local Art Gallery. ART, Inc's presence in the community grew as we developed our capacity to serve.


ART, Inc completed most of the major building in the theater hosted Groundwaters Live anthology event and a Family Halloween Party, and performed Reader's Theatre at the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at the Fern Ridge Library.


Things were really picking up steam for ART, Inc. Our Children's Theater produced Patch by Patch and Charlie and Friends and our adult theater produced Nunsense, the musical. Reader's Theater produced Love Letters. ART, Inc hosted the Eugene Opera Youth Camp and Groundwaters Live anthology, and we held a Holiday Concert with Margaret Plumb and Family, and the Community Choir.


Students from Veneta and Elmira Elementary Schools toured the theater. Reader's Theater performed at the Fern Ridge Service Center. ART, Inc participated in the Spring Business Showcase hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. ART, Inc held the first Art in the Country fine arts and authors festival, and provided a venue for Groundwaters Live again.


ART, Inc performed Sara Crew, 1902, an adaptation of The Little Princess, as well as Sherlock Holmes and the Spinsters of Blackmead, Three Great Americans, and the Broadway Night Cabaret. Reader's Theater performed Profiles in Service. ART, Inc Hosted Art in the Country

Applegate Regional Theatre, Inc. (ART, Inc.), an all-volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit theater, was founded in 2004. In 2013, the theater found its permanent location in west Eugene/Fern Ridge, Oregon– bordering Veneta, Oregon. The board of Applegate Regional Theatre has transformed the campus of Central Elementary School and made it the home of all of their rehearsals and performances. The remodel of old classrooms has provided the theatre with rooms for costume, education, props, tech, and a green room. In addition to the converted classrooms, the school’s gym has been reconstructed into a welcoming theater. Applegate Regional Theatre has a history of performing family-friendly inter-generational shows and even original scripts. The theater campus is becoming a regional Rural Arts Center, incorporating the Applegate Art Guild, and Studio 7, offering instruction in crafts, art, plain air painting, voice, and several musical instruments.

ART, Inc. has put in years of effort to serve the greater Lane County community. In order to continue all that Applegate Regional Theatre has created, we greatly appreciate any contributions to paying off a balloon payment of $200,000 by the end of 2022. Any donation is appreciated!

To donate click the link below.

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