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Double your impact in three easy steps:

  1. Make your donation to Applegate Regional Theatre by Dec. 31

  2. Make your donation to Cultural Trust by Dec. 31

  3. Earn the tax credit on your entire Cultural Trust donation. That’s right – you get your entire matching donation to the Cultural Trust back (up to $500 single or $1,000 joint).


Before December 31st of any year:

  • You donate $500 to Applegate Regional Theatre, Inc. 

  • You donate $500 to Oregon Cultural Trust

  • You get $500 Cultural Tax Credit (NOT deduction) off your Oregon income tax bill when you file your taxes

  • If you owe $1,000, you now only have to pay $500

Oregon Cultural Trust makes grants to Oregon Arts organizations. When Oregon arts and culture wins, Applegate Regional Theatre wins. We greatly appreciate the support!

For more information:

visit their website OR call them at 503-986-0088

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