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Workshops, Arts & Crafts and Food/beverages (select links for more information)

Swing Guitar with Nancy Yialouris

INTRODUCTION to moveable chord forms for guitar players who want to start substituting moveable chords for the those played at the first 3 frets.  Must be able to hear chord changes.  Short on theory, long on playing.

Rhythm Bones 101 with Fiddlin' Miriam (of Foraging and the Rattling Bones)

Demonstrating basic rhythm bone holds, techniques for playing, and popular rhythmic styles for old time music. For beginner to intermediate level players. There will be a handful of extra sets of rhythm bones to use, but please bring your own if you have some! 

Community Singing with Katie Sontag

Katie Sontag will teach nourishing original heart songs that heal and support us in a call and response style. There will be rounds, part songs, harmonies and unison with any and all voices embraced, celebrated and welcomed here!

Voice Lesson with John Stephens

My workshop will cover the foundations of proper singing which will protect your voice from damage and enable you to sing any style.  I've taught voice lessons for eight years to all ages with nearly 100% success.

International Folk Dance with Jan Stephens

Recreational dances from all over the world are being offered in a workshop to enrich your Folk Music Festival experience. Folks moving to the music! In Applegate Regional Theater style we will be providing a workshop to teach your feet a couple of "folky" moves, so you can "listen to the music" in a wholehearted and whole-footed way.

Good Green Fun!, presented by Dharmika

Dharmika will bring you joyful music for kids of all ages about tropical and temperate forests, neighborhood cats, oranges, mushrooms, and other miscellaneous bits of life. Some singing-along will be encouraged!

Music and movement fun with Jen Sennett

Jen has been performing locally for many years and is now sharing the joy of music with children through song, movement, and instrument exploration!

garden witch art / Mara Orenstein

Mara Orenstein is a natural science illustrator, painter, and gardener. Starting with close observation and detailed graphite drawings from her own photographs and imagination, Mara uses oil paint, watercolor, or pen and ink to create artistic representations of scientific value. Her work is a celebration of biodiversity and minute worlds within our environment that are often forgotten and at risk of being lost. Focusing on invertebrates and their botanical familiars, Mara also enjoys subjects such as birds, mushrooms, mosses and lichens, trees, and more. Come find Mara at Applegate Folk Festival to see an array of original works and paintings, prints, stickers, and bookmarks with your favorite natural subjects in a variety of mediums.

Lorane Fiber Farm / Anna O'Malley

Anna O'Malley takes loving care of her sheep, Angora goats and Alpacas. She shears them herself and cards, spins, dyes, knits and weaves their wool, creating beautiful yarns, scarfs, shawls, and unique items.

Chair Massage by Jan Stephens, LMT

Relaxing and soothing massage by the minute, as much as you'd like!

Annie Heron Ceramics

Traditional handmade tableware and garden art.

Pottery with handmade distinction, designed for your home and garden. Featuring an earth-tone palette and graceful lines, traditional form and offbeat whimsy.

Ethnicity, etc. / Bea Roberts

Jewelry and fiber arts

Hidden Owl Farmstead / Karen Mendez

I make and sell artisinal canned foods, jams, sauces, syrups, herb blends, homegoods such as candles, tablecloths and napkins.

Pyrography by Jo Marie Roybal

I do wood burnings which include:

  •     Decorative boxes

  •     Wall art

  •     Christmas ornaments 

Emily Poole Art & Design 

My upbringing in a wild space in the mountains has greatly influenced how I see the world and the art I create. A lifelong love for nature and animals has guided my work into the realm of conservation. My goal is to use artwork to engage the public in learning about what's going on in the natural world and what we can do to protect it.

Emilie Poole Tidepool.webp

Caricature portraits /Gypsy Berks

Black Cat Facepainting / Amanda Robinson

I have been facepainting for a little over a year and I absolutely love it. My favorite thing is when I hold up the mirror and show the kiddo the design and their face lights up! I am always learning and improving my practice. I am fully insured and use only professional cosmetic grade products and follow the proper hygiene practices. My goals are to make sure every client feels special and leaves with a smile on their face

Karl Smiley Ceramics

Ceramic yarn bowls

Avery UN Ltd / Vaughn Avery

Leather masks, flowers and more!

Not Your Momma's Tie Dye / Tiana P.

More information coming soon!

Calle Steelo Taqueria / Alfonso Davalo and family

We offer authentic Mexican food with a few veggie options (vegan available)

Red Five Hot Dog Company

Best dogs in the Galaxy! Hot dogs and brats, including veggie'vegan.

The Lemonade Stand / Renee Tritten

Lemonade/limeade and lemonade/limeade with raspberries or strawberries, plus Strawberry Shortcake!

Yeti's Shaved Ice / Jeremiah Farish

Keep your cool with refreshing shaved ice!

E-Bar / The Emporium Veneta

Beer, wine and cider in the Beer Garden

Emporium Veneta.png
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